So what is the advantage of the small business having a web site?

  • Almost all cell phones and gps devices are internet active.
  • A few web pages can provide a wealth of information you would never be able to put into your yellow pages ad.
  • Your web pages can be changed regularly,  yellow pages only once a year.
  • Your customers can actally see some of the products and services you offer.
  • Your customers can easily find your phone number, hours of operation and an interactive map to your location.
  • Your customers can contact you via email 24 hours a day.


A towing company:  All that is needed is one simple page with the contact information and a phone number.  If I were to break down while traveling my cell phone or gps can tell me who is closest and available and provide me with that towing companies phone number.

A bowling Alley: I can see the hours of operation, what services they provide (children’s parties, league information, food menus and specials).  The bowling alley could even post league and tournament results that participants can access 24 hours a day. Even though I may have lived in the area for years this information is probably not in the yellow pages and I probably do not have it memorized.

Take a look at our portfolio.  These are actual live sites of our customers.

A general contractor:  I can easily see what contracting services they offer, the area that they work in.  I can request information or a quote via email.

A manufacturing firm: I can see if they offer the products I am seeking.  I can see pictures and examples of their product.  In most case the manufacturer will have documents on their website so I can see engineering specifications.  Existing customers have the benefit of finding the information they need immediately rather than waiting for the manufacturer to respond or have to mail or fax documents that are readily available on the website.  I can also send an email requesting more information on a product.

Take a look at our portfolio.  These are actual live sites of our customers.

Cost Effective

Web sites for the small business are very cost effective.

One or two new customers or sales can easily cover the yearly cost of your website.

A web site not only provides your customers with a source of information, it also provides your customers with sense or your businesses legitimacy and a knowledge that you care enough to provide them with the information that they want when they want it.

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