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SEO Myth: Your top ten search engine ranking can be guaranteed

Some SEO firms will advertise a “guarantee” to have you listed in the top rankings. No one other than the search engines themselves can guarantee any ranking. Don’t believe it. Trust their results for other clients and make your decision from actual client successes, not empty promises and guarantees. The Only Guarantee in the SEO Industry is there Are No Guarantees!

SEO Myth: I have to submit my site to the engines to get ranked.

The search engines have advanced to the point that they’ll find you on their own. You’re wasting money by paying a service to submit your name to the engines.

SEO Myth: Search Engine Leads Are Worth Less Than Other Leads

Search Engine leads are the probably the most qualified leads, because they come from people searching for the exact products and services which the search engines have you indexed. They are looking for you, not the other way around.

SEO Myth: Websites are optimized while they are being developed.

A small percentage of designers and developers actually optimize pages for the search engines while they are building. As many as 60% of all sites are not properly optimized to rank high in the search engines, so anything you do to optimize your site puts it ahead of your competitors who don’t.

SEO Myth: The more times you repeat the keyword in the page, the higher it will rank.

This is a little tricky since each algorithm uses different factors for ranking. A keyword density of 3 to 15% is recommended for tweaking the page for higher placement (depending on the individual search engine). A keyword density that is too high will get listed lower or penalized.

SEO Myth: The more reciprocal links to other sites you have, the higher your Google page rank goes.

Outbound links to related and unrelated sites are factored into page rank. Unreciprocated links count higher than reciprocated links. The more quality inbound links to your site, the higher the PR, but nobody knows exactly how Google factors their PR and their algorithm is constantly adjusted. A million links to and from unrelated sites could drop your PR and if your site is found linking to obvious FFA or link farms, your site could be penalized as being ‘guilty by association’.

SEO Myth: You don’t need to update your site to keep your rankings.

By routine maintenance (removing outdated material, fixing broken links, queries, etc.) and updating your pages regularly, you are signaling the bots and crawlers to come back and re-crawl your site for changes to their listings.

SEO Myth: You can achieve higher rankings on a keyword without changing the code or content of the pages in your site.

Not likely for long. Any elevated results will be temporary. If you want to steadily improve your ranking, you must make changes to your site that help the search engines spider it. Search engines will not continue to spider a site when it runs into a number of broken links.

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