Planning Your Website

Website Planning Guide

The Homepage

The homepage is the most important page on most websites, and gets more page views than any other page.  Users will often remember articles, products, or promotions that were featured prominently on the homepage.


Navigation is one of the most critical aspects of Web site design. No matter how good a site looks, and no matter how much useful information it offers, if it doesn’t have a sensible navigation scheme, it will confuse visitors and chase them away.

Number of Pages

The number of pages a website has is  dependant on the service, product or information you are providing to the user.  For example: A website for a wrecker service might only have one to three pages (the home page, the about us page and the contact us page), whereas a website for an ecommerce site could contain hundreds of pages.  Remember it is the quality not the quantity of the content that is most important.

Length of Pages

This is partly a matter of opinion, and varies greatly from one site to another. Some people believe that lengthy content, which if placed on a single page would require readers to scroll down several screens to see it all, should be broken up into several pages. Others argue that it’s less hassle to scroll down a lengthy page than it is to click through to another page and wait for it to load. There’s nothing wrong with a page that scrolls down for miles, as long as it’s designed properly.

Page Information

Each page should contain the information that is relevant to the page category.  Content should never be an afterthought – just something to fill in the white space between images and flashy multimedia presentations. Writing good content will help you create content that attracts visitors and turns them into customers.

Seach Engine Optimation – SEO

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